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A short film about the coming of age story of Camp leader Rose and her encounter with Nurse Gin. This short story depicts the journey and evolution of a friendship between two women at a time when their rapport would have been unlikely.

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Women’s Independent Film Festival:

Best Narrative Feature

Best Directing: Astrid Ovalles & Oriana Oppice

Best Screenplay

Best Cinematography

Best Actor: Astrid Ovalles (Gin)

Best Editing: Paul Levin


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Director Bios

Astrid Ovalles

IMG_2638Astrid Ovalles is Venezuelan-born young woman who discovered her passion for film during early childhood. She pursued acting all through her youth and decided to expand her endeavors by moving to New York City, where she decided to take it into her own hands to tell the stories she believed needed to be told. She founded Recluse Films to write, produce, and direct films specifically geared towards queer women, female characters, and stories for women worldwide.

 Her first and latest work, Camp Belvidere, has gotten recognition worldwide and has gone to premier is several festivals across Europe, Australia, and the US. Astrid is now working on pre-production for a feature film that is scheduled to be released early 2016.



Oriana Oppice

B_xcEM-W8AA1Et2Oriana is an award-winning director, actor, and producer. She was born in Sicily and grew up in Chicago. Beginning her career in Los Angeles, she has appeared in numerous television shows, including House of Cards and Person of Interest, and is constantly involved in the independent film circuit. She is a detail-oriented director and producer, and leverages her experience in analysis and communication throughout her work. Oriana holds a bachelors from McGill University in International Relations and a masters from the University of Chicago in International Law.